Judge in Sandusky Case Gives Mixed Ruling in Battle over Subpoenas

The judge in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case is giving the defense some of what it wants but not everything after several groups filed motions to stop defense subpoenas requesting information involving alleged victims. 

Thursday, Judge John Cleland ordered the Mifflin County School District, Keystone Central School District and Bald Eagle School District to give the defense records related to alleged victims' health and school adjustment, including discipline records; any records which address psychological and psychiatric treatment; and investigative reports related to a complaint of harassment or stalking regarding alleged victim number one. 

Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, is facing trial in June on 52 counts of  sexually abusing boys. 

Judge Cleland also ordered The Second Mile to turn over complaints filed by any person identified in the subpoena for misconduct or inappropriate actions by Sandusky and any internal investigation documents related to Sandusky's conduct in response to complaints. 

The judge also denied a request to compel discover of grand jury materials and accelerate early release of testimony by Karl Rominger. 

The judge is enforcing an agreement state prosecutors made to help the defense retrieve information from a computer hard drive.  The state will offer experts to help access and search information in its electronic form and provide paper copies of documents. 

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