Harrisburg hope holding their fifth community forum to discuss "What's Next?" for the Capitol City .

" I expect tonight to be a lively and engaging discussion of the options for Harrisburg," says Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, President ,Harrisburg Hope

Harrisburg Hope's community forum bringing in diverse panelists. From Representative Glen Grell, who's heading the possible state takeover bill. To a representative from the Mayor's office,trying to avoid a state takeover. To City Controller Dan Miller who is an advocate for bankruptcy.

Everyone trying to come up with a solution to the city's cash problems.

" I`m disgusted because there`s no plan. City Council had a plan but it didn`t get approved you know, what is going on?," says Cammaryille Erice Harrisburg Resident

Representative Grell taking most of the heat.

Both panelists and community members asking how a state takeover could benefit their city, but he says he doesn't want it to have to go that far.

" We don`t want to do that,and we built in legislation for the city to determine its own fate and we certainly hope they`ll do that," says Grell

The city's fate, is lying in city council's hands. They have time to come together and vote on a plan.The countdown is ten days before the Senate votes on the takeover on October 17.