They may be just the days of the month to you, but after firefighters in Central Pennsylvania are done with their recent printed calendar there is much more to the year. Firefighters are posing for a calendar they hope to sell to help raise money. The calendars are $20 and the money will go towards helping volunteer firefighters in the area as well as the area Red Cross. Saturday the posing firefighters met outside of Harrisburg mall for autographs and to meet with people buying calendars. They also has a bake sale. The President of Service 1st Restoration Fire and Water, Jaime Novinger, founded the idea for the fundraising after seeing what volunteer firefighters go through on a daily basis.

"We go out and help the community in firefighting but if we can go out and help community out again, it feels great," said Linglestown Firefighter Les Hammaker.

Half of the money raised will go toward a group of volunteer firefighters and the other half will go toward the Red Cross of Susquehanna Valley.