Tuberculosis Case Confirmed at Chambersburg Area Senior High School
Up to 200 students at Chambersburg Area Senior High School will be tested for pulmonary tuberculosis on Friday because a case of the bacterial infection has been confirmed in someone at the school.

Parents of the school's 2,600 students received letters on Wednesday after school officials met with members of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which will conduct the testing.

Some of the families received letters describing the situation, while 150 to 200 others received copies with an additional section saying their child might have been exposed and can be tested with parental consent.

School and health department officials would not confirm whether the sick person was a student or an employee.

The tests involve a skin prick. Results will be available to families and tested employees on Monday, according to school district spokeswoman Catherine Dusman.

To visit the Pennsylvannia Department of Health's website click here.