Clunkers of all makes and models are filling up part of the lot at L.B. Smith Ford, Lincoln, Mercury in Lemoyne, Cumberland County. In just three days, about twenty gas guzzlers were collected. Customers are trading in their older rides for new and more fuel efficient vehicles.

"It looks like most people are trading in SUVs that qualify under the program. We have had a couple of trucks come in and a couple of bigger vans," said Brett Corcoran, General Sales Manager at L.B. Smith Ford, Lincoln, Mercury.

Janice Percherke of Enola is preparing to turn over her 1991 Ford Windstar. It meets all of the government's requirements. It is less than 25 years old and is drivable. The van gets less than 18 miles per gallon and has been owned and insured by the same person for at least one year.

"The economy the way it is going, it is probably going to help a lot of families," said Percherke.

The government is handing out up to $4,500 to qualifying customers. Once the clunkers are collected and tagged, the vehicles are taken to a scrap yard, where they are destroyed.

"In order for the dealer to be refunded the rebate from the government, they have to see the agreement that the vehicle is in fact being shredded or scraped," said Corcoran.

The government has allocated one billion dollars for the "Cash for Clunkers" program. It is scheduled to end on November 1 or when the money runs out.