Droppings In PA Capitol Cafeteria 'Excessive'
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - It seems that rodent droppings in the cafeteria at Pennsylvania's state Capitol in Harrisburg were just about everywhere.

The inspection report released Tuesday by the state Agriculture Department says the rodent droppings were excessive and on food preparation equipment, in cabinets, utensil bins and elsewhere.

It says the now-closed cafeteria had a "severe" rodent infestation.

State employees were told this week by the state Office of Administration that the cafeteria wouldn't reopen before January.

Aramark Corp., the Philadelphia-based food service company that runs the cafeteria, is working with state workers to clean it up.

The ground-floor cafeteria is a popular coffee and lunch spot for visitors to the statehouse and people who work there.

The droppings indicate the presence of live mice and are considered an imminent health risk.

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