Arrests Made in Bottle Bomb Incident at Messiah College
Five people are facing charges after police say they are responsible for setting off several bottle bombs on the campus of Messiah College. The incident happened back in April when several home-made explosive devices were found on the campus . Two of the "bottle bombs" exploded and several more of the bombs were located in an outdoor courtyard area between two dormitories and near the main entrance to campus.

Investigators say that bottle bombs are illegal and typically are made in a plastic container filled with ingredients that make it expand and eventually burst without warning.

The following suspects admitted to the crime and have been charged with disorderly conduct; Kelsey Hare, 19, of Berlin, Connecticut, Andrew MacAdams, 19, of West Deptford, New Jersey, Maxwell Brown, 19, of Tarrytown, New York, Michael Scibilio, 19, of Bourne Massachusetts, and Daniel Giampietro, 19 of Silver Spring Maryland.

No one was injured when the bombs went off.