PA Department of Health Hosts Tuberculosis Forum at Chambersburg Area Senior High School

At a public health meeting in Franklin County on Thursday, a case of tuberculosis raises questions about the health and safety of students and staff.

Last week, an unidentified person at Chambersburg Area Senior High School tested positive for the disease.  The district encouraged 200 members of the student body and staff to be tested for TB as a precaution.

Due to the contagious nature of the air born disease, the Pennsylvania Department of Health held a community forum on tuberculosis at the high school.

Dr. Steven Osroff, Physician General for the State of Pennsylvania said other than the one confirmed case, “We are not aware of any other active cases of tuberculosis,”

Regardless, it’s prompted some fear and rumors.

Maria Cintos has two children at the Chambersburg High and said, “It's been three days now that I have not sent my children to school because they are very very concerned about it.

Natalie Strickland’s younger brother also goes to Chambersburg Area High Schoo, “If we don't have information we tend to fear more.”

During Thursday meeting some parents expressed frustration but health department officials said they understand, “They are concerned about their kids - and that's why we go to extra lengths when we have a situation in schools.”

Osroff said, under law – the district or the Department of Health cannot disclose who tests positive for TB but added, “It's a highly treatable disease that does not occur much in the United States.”