Groups set to protest Voter ID bill
In about six weeks, Pennsylvania voters will hit the polls for the state's primary. One group is trying to make sure that getting into the polls to vote looks the same as it always has in the past.

A group called Protect our Vote will be protesting House Bill 934 at the State Capitol today. That voter identification bill would require people to show ID at the polls each and every time they vote. Right now, voters have to show identification the first time they vote in a polling location. The group wants to make sure that bill doesn't move forward.

House Bill 934 was introduced by Representative Daryl Metcalfe from Butler County and requires people to show identification at the polls. The bill, introduced in 2011, changes the requirement from only having to show ID the first time a person votes, to show each time.

Opponents like the group Protect our Vote say 11 percent of people nationwide don't have acceptable forms of ID, thus disenfranchising a segment of voters. Supporters want to make sure the voting process is not compromised.

The other argument is the cost. Protect our Vote claims ID requirement would cost Pennsylvania over $10 million to implement in just the first year. In tough budget times, they say, this is money the Commonwealth can't afford.

The group is set to be at the Capitol this morning at 11 a.m. to protest the voter ID bill. They will then hand-deliver a petition signed by 12,000 Pennsylvanians to all 50 Senators.

House Bill 934 is right now before the Senate Appropriations Committee. The House already passed the bill last year. No vote has been set in the appropriations committee.