Central Pennsylvania bracing for Hurricane Sandy
People up and down the east coast are preparing for Hurricane Sandy. The major storm is churning through the Caribbean and is expected to make its way up the coast before turning back inland and finding its way to Central Pennsylvania.

It's hard to believe, especially with the weather we have been having over the past couple of days, that in less than 48 hours Central Pennsylvania could be experiencing the beginnings of a major storm. Hurricane Sandy is moving its way up the east coast and possibly hitting us head on. That could mean a lot rain and problem areas like East Market Street and I-83 in York County could see some major flooding.

The winds and rain associated with Hurricane Sandy have been pretty destructive already, damaging homes, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees in Cuba, the Bahamas and Jamaica. The storm has claimed at least 21 lives.

The hurricane is tracking its way up the east coast over the next several days, bringing with it that heavy rain and winds for bands up to 140 miles away from the storm's center. The northeast is looking at suffering the most direct hit, meaning millions could be in Sandy's path.

"Because it's such a large area, you're just going to have lots of people affected. [It will be] just a big mess for an awful lot of people in the early part of next week," said James Franklin from the National Hurricane Center.

"We are looking at several inches of rain, 3 to 5 inches of rain. We are also talking about gusty winds. When you are talking about these damaging gusty winds, if you have super saturated soil and you get a 40 mile per hour wind gust, that can knock over a tree," said FOX43 Meteorologist Jeff Robbins.

Sandy comes to town just over a year after Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee caused major damage across the area. Most forecasters expect Sandy to be weaker than Irene, however slower moving which means more rain could be likely and that means more damage could be possible.

The good news is there is several days until the storm hits which means stocking up on those essentials like batteries, flashlights and canned goods is a good idea.