Yale Naked Party Under Investigation For Sex Assaults

A booze-filled naked party at Yale University is under investigation after several students were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital and others said they were sexually assaulted, the Yale Daily News reported.

The Feb. 19 party was an invitation-only event held by the Pundits, Yale’s senior prank society.

Fifty students who were being considered for inclusion in the Pundits were instructed to arrive in costume, and midway through the party they were told to strip naked.

Many invitees said that the Pundits forced alcohol on them throughout the evening, and that they felt they couldn’t refuse, the Daily News reported.

Others reportedly witnessed students being forced to kiss, and one man said that a Pundit had forced one man’s face onto another’s penis.  Apart from the forced kissing, however, there were no reports of forced sex.

“The biggest problem, and what was dis-inhibiting people, was that they were force-feeding people alcohol and they couldn’t say no because of the power dynamic,” one student told the Yale Daily News.

Four people at the party were sent to Yale-New Haven Hospital, and six others to Yale Health following reported forced and heavy drinking.

“I am deeply disturbed by initial reports of heavy drinking by underage students in a context that could be construed as hazing,” Yale College Dean Mary Miller said in an e-mail Wednesday night. “Yale College does not tolerate hazing or intimidation: I’m well aware that a feature of hazing is that it can be difficult for someone victimized by it to come forward.”

Yale University police will be interviewing at least 16 attendees who came forward voluntarily to help the investigation.