There's cell phone video circulating online of a peculiar bust in Brooklyn.  It depicts an N.Y.P.D. officer giving three people citations inside Lafayette Gardens Playground on Franklin Avenue this Saturday, for being inside a City playground, without a child. 

"They were just eating donuts.  Come on!" said a woman eating a sandwich on the same bench inside the now infamous playground. 

When PIX11 News told her she was breaking a city rule and could face a fifty-dollar fine if caught, she said, "Really? Call the police."

The news of the unusual bust spread to other customers of the popular donut shop on Franklin Avenue, called Dough. 

"It's crazy really.  But I guess the officers were just doing their job," said one of the managers at Dough. 

"Any officer that comes in, we will give them a free donut," promised another worker at the shop.    

Some parents say they appreciate the rule and say it protects kids from possible predators.  "We don't want weird people near our children," said one mom, happily eating a donut with her kid in the park.