More than a dozen homes were damaged early Wednesday morning in Queens, when a 12-inch water main burst.

The water main, dating back to 1969, broke at about 4:30 a.m. at the corner of 159th Street and 140th Ave.

The Environmental Protection Agency said about 20 homes were affected by the water main break. Some residents reported water completely filling their basements and the first floors of their houses. In some cases, the water levels rose to as high as 2 feet.

PIX 11 News reporter Emily Frances spoke with resident Margaret Thompson, who says 15 feet of water flooded her house.

A painting she had since 1952 had fortunately survived because of the glass cover. However, her mink fur she got 30 years ago from her sister was destroyed in the incident.

At least four FDNY engine companies responded to the scene to help pump out the water, while DEP crews worked to shut off the water main and restore water to at least 25 homes.

It is not clear what caused the water main to burst.