Wake Is Held For Shooting At Empire State Building
Hundreds attended a wake tonight for Steven Ercolino, the victim of the chaotic shooting scene outside of the Empire State Building Friday.

"He was a fine gentle," said Anthony Jones, one of many relatives to pay their respects at the Ballard Durand Funeral Home in White Plains.

Ronnie Atanasio also attended the wake, not part of the family he worked on the same floor as Hazan Imports where Ercolino was a VP, "it's one thing to have a beef with somebody, but to take it to that degree to kill somebody, to take a life... I don't comprehend that."

Ercolino was the second of four children. His parents, Frank and Rosalie, had to make a trip down to the city over the weekend to identify his body. The 41 year old was dating Ivette Rivera, a relationship which began eight years ago when her mother introduced them.

Police today pointed to Ercolino's execution as justification for two NYPD officers to open fire on the gunman, Jeffrey Johnson. Johnson was killed at the scene, some of the 16 bullets the two officers fired injured 9 innocent bystanders as the chaotic scene played out in front of the Empire State Building at rush hour.

Another wake is scheduled for 5pm Tuesday, the funeral will take place Wednesday morning.