A violent crime spree on Long Island has left an elderly man in critical condition after he was attacked in his Bellmore home.

The string of events occurred over a period of several hours on Thursday and turned increasingly violent. It all began when a teenager - home alone - was confronted by what she described as a crazed man possibly armed with a knife or crowbar. The suspect made off with a laptop computer in that case.

The suspect then ran across Sunrise Highway to a gas station where he tried to car jack an SUV as a mother pumped gas with her 12-year-old son sitting in the passenger seat.

The suspect eventually gave up and then fled again on foot disappearing into a residential neighborhood.

As a precaution, schools were put on lock down as police searched the area.

Detectives say the relentless thief then broke into another home, this time getting violent as he struck a 71-year-old homeowner in the head, knocking him out and tying him up.

Police say the suspect then began plotting his next move.

"He entered into a bathroom....in that bathroom he tried to change his appearance he shaved his head, he found a shirt to put on," said Nassau County Detective Kevin Smith.

After a couple of hours passed, police say the suspect went outside and tried to blend into the neighborhood. However, two officers noticed he somewhat matched the description of the man they were looking for and noticed his bald head was bleeding.

An arrest was made and police say he confessed and told them about the victim he left tied up and dying.

PIX News caught up with the victim's son as he was preparing to head to the hospital with his father.

Police say that elderly victim is in serious condition at Nassau University Medical Center with severe head trauma. The suspect is described as a career criminal with crimes committed all over the state and has more than a dozen different aliases.