Tyler Clementi's Parents Speak Out About Grief
For the first time since Dharun Ravi's trial, Tyler Clementi's parents speak out about their grief, and their changing views of homosexuality.

During an 11 minute interview on NBC's "Rock Center" you could feel the sadness coming from the Clementi family.

The main focus of the discussion surrounded Ravi, and how the Clementi family believes it was his cyber bullying that ultimately killed Tyler.
"I think it was humiliation that is roommates and his dormmates were watching a very intimate act," Tyler's mother Jane Clementi said.

Jane, her husband and surviving son reflected on Tyler's life. They discussion their opinions of homosexuality and how they have altered into complete acceptance since their son's suicide.
However, one thing that has not altered is their opinion of Ravi, Tyler's Rutgers University Roommate.

"To me, it shows that he calculated everything," Tyler's father says about Ravi's tweeting and webcaming Tyler's actions. "This wasn't a mistake, it was an executed plan."

Ravi was convicted in March of 15 criminal charges. The family says the punishment of only 30 days in jail simply wasn't enough when he could have received 10 years.

"I think the judge sent a clear message to other prosecutors. This isn't worth while. There are no consequences for these actions," jane said.

The family is now urging other people to fully accept homosexuality to help prevent another situation just like Tyler's from happening again.