After 2-Year Probe, 16 NYPD Officers Arrested In Ticket-Fixing Scandal
Sixteen police officers and several civilians will be officially charged with fixing speeding and parking tickets and other crimes Friday.

One officer was arrested at his home Thursday night, and 15 others turned themselves in to the Bronx District Attorney's office overnight.

PIX11 News has also learned these cops also made DWIs and domestic dispute incidents disappear, often in exchange for a favor, sometimes electronics. Prosecutors say they fixed tickets for family, friends and even VIPs, lIke an executive with the Yankees.

The alleged dirty dealings were all sparked by a wiretap comment by a cop under investigation for alleged ties to a drug dealer. This is the culmination of a two-year investigation. You can call it the latest black eye for the boys in blue.

Five current and former officers were charged for smuggling guns and slot machines this week, and last week, a cop was charged with a racially-fueled false arrest.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has defended his officers, saying those involved in criminal activity represent a tiny fraction of the 35,000-member force.

The District Attorney's office says the indictments will include "allegations of police corruption covering a broad spectrum of crimes."