Brooklynites Reeling From Aftermath Of Fierce Weekend Tornado
    The cleanup in Canarsie will resume tomorrow after a second, much stronger tornado touched down and created a two-block swath of destruction here in this corner of Brooklyn.

    And what's got people in Canarsie really amazed about this twister is how it destroyed one house and left the houses right next door undamaged

     The winds were clocked at 110 mph in Brooklyn, compared to another twister in Breezy Point, Queens, which had 70 mph winds. Both tornados were about 150 feet wide.

     "This is Brooklyn, who ever thought there'd be a tornado," Zorina Khan told PIX 11's Magee Hickey.

    Mrs. Kahn showed me her daughter's house on Avenue N where the entire roof had been ripped off. The tornado also dislodged a chunk of concrete that just missed a sleeping baby by inches.

    "It was a huge piece, maybe 50 or 60 pounds and the baby was so close to it," Mrs. Kahn said. "But the baby is fine, thank God."

       The Canarsie resident also showed me two stories of her daughter's beautiful Canasie home totally damaged by torrential rain after the roof had been blown off. There was also shattered glass-top table and ripped up backyard fence while the Kahn's neighbors backyards and homes were totally untouched:

   Will insurance cover all this damage?

    Mrs. Kahn isn't sure. "There'll be here tomorrow," she said. Fingers crossed.

     As the cleanup continues from these back to back twisters in Canarsie and Breezy Point, Mayor Bloomberg reflected on Mother Nature.

    "I am glad nobody was hurt," the mayor said, "the damage was minimal. Nature is something that is very powerful, but at least no one was hurt.