Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams, 41, was arrested Sunday after Trenton authorities said he tried to sell the radio to customers at a Taco Bell drive-through. (TRENTON PD HANDOUT / February 15, 2010)

New Jersey police arrested and charged a man after they say he snuck into police headquarters in Trenton and stole a police radio, a computer monitor and a sergeant's attache case.

According to police, Anthony Williams, 41, was busted after he attempted to sell the radio to customers in line at a Taco Bell drive-through.

Williams, who police described as a convicted thief who has served time for burglary and robbery, walked past a unmanned security post in the headquarters lobby Sunday and managed to walk out undetected with the police goods.

It was when officers heard civilian chatter over the radio - believed to be Williams trying to sell the stolen property - that detectives realized it was missing, police said.

After several attempts of trying to sell the radio, a customer at the Taco Bell decided to take matters into his own hands and snatched the radio off the thief and called 911.

Williams was later arrested not far from the fast food eatery. The 41-year-old was charged with several violations, including theft and hindering apprehension.

Trenton's police spokesman Sgt. Pedro Medina told PIX News that the matter of who was suppose to be manning the front desk at police headquarters at the time of the robbery is under investigation.

"As a police department we have a balancing act, which is to be accessible to the public needs and at the same time provide a safe environment to the public," Medina said in an e-mailed statement. "No additional security measures are required other than holding the people accountable who were responsible to be manning the front desk."