Teen Injured In Hit And Run At Dangerous Long Island Intersection
Police continue to search for a hit-and-run driver on Long Island. According to the Nassau County Police Department, Monday evening just after 5pm a teenager was walking across Glen Cove road in Greenvale when a driver turning left from Northern Boulevard hit her. The driver sped off, leaving the teenager on the ground seriously injured.

"It's dangerous to cross. I'm scared to walk that way. Just gotta be careful," said Kristina Fritsch, a college student at a nearby school.

Police are now reviewing the intersection's traffic and red light cameras. So, while police hunt for the driver, PIX11 found the large intersection is terrifying for pedestrians. It takes a while for the signal to turn from don't walk to walk. "It takes a long time to come and it's really short," said Sameeha Ramadha. She crosses there all the time.

Some people even jay walk or run to try and cross in time. Some even avoid it all together.

"A lot of customers come here and want to go to the bank. But they can't make it and come back," said Duraj Berem, a worker at the Mobile station on the corner.

The State Department of Transportation visited the intersection Thursday afternoon and found the signals are working properly. Still, a spokesperson for the DOT says they plan to examine this intersection to improve safety.

Police describe the car that sped off as a mid size black four door sedan with tinted windows. Anyone with information about this hit and run is urged to Crimestoppers. That number is 1-800-244-TIPS.