Synagogue Smackdown Victim Speaks Out
"It happened really fast," Ehud Halevy told PIX 11 in his first chance to speak out against the two police officers seen on the video that went viral, that has been called the "Crown Heights Synagogue Smackdown."

It started as a argument about leaving the Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults in Crown Heights, which the shirtless Ehud refused to do. The 21-year-old is then clearly punched repeatedly by one officer while another officer appears to hit him with a baton.

"He told me to leave. I told him I had a right to stay. He tried handcuffing me. I swore at him. Then he tried beating me up," Halevy said.

The Brooklyn district attorney dropped all charges against Halevy, in part because of the video. More than 100,00 people also signed a petition, and there were demonstrations throughout Crown Heights with marchers asking the DA to drop the charges.

"What happened clearly demonstrated unjustified excessive force by the two police officers," Halevy's lawyer, Norman Siegel said.

"I am wondering how many times this police officer has done similar things. Hard to believe it's the first incident. The video does not lie," Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, said.

Halevy, who'd been given permission to sleep at the youth center, had been facing seven years in prison on assault, trespassing and resisting arrest charges. The PBA still defended the officers' actions, President Pat Lynch said: "Using force always looks severe but is necessary to arrest a culprit who resists."

Now Halevy's hoping the police officers have learned a lesson.

I asked Halevy what would be justice and he replied: "I think he should be disciplined." When I asked if he should lose his job, there was a long pause and then his lawyer answered that they should leave that to the District Attorney at this point.

Ehud Halevy's lawyers are preparing a lawsuit and are asking the Brooklyn D.A. to continue their investigation into the officers' actions. The NYPD's Internal Affairs is also investigating.