Carjacking Suspects Crash Into LI School During Police Pursuit
The two worlds of crime fighting and elementary education came face to face this afternoon at Harold Fayette Elementary school in North Merrick.

That's where two carjackers crashed this stolen Infiniti sedan into the school's brick wall -- while trying to outrun police.

"I heard a loud bang near my classroom, across the hall," said one young student.

Nassau County detectives say two suspects stuck this semi-automatic pistol in the vehicle owner's face just before 12 p.m. Tuesday in Hicksville took off.

Cops spotted them on the roads, which triggered a chase into North Merrick, and ultimately into the school parking lot.

After the two suspects crashed into the wall, one of them tried to run into the school -- but found a set of doors deep in the playground locked.

All three schools in the district went into lock down during the investigation...just in time for afternoon dismissal.

"I took a ride over here, and i saw all the activity and i was worried about my kids and the kids in the school," one parent told pix11.

To the relief of school officials and parents the chase didn't develop into a potential hostage situation, or perhaps worse.

But as of late Tuesday night, the investigation was not over. One of the suspects remained on the loose.