Singing Sensation Susan Boyle Rushed to Hospital
It appears the limelight may have been too much for Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle, who apparently suffered an emotional meltdown after placing second on a British television show.

Boyle, 48, was taken out of a London Hotel by paramedics on Sunday--just one day after making her final performance on 'Britain's Got Talent,' according to a report by The Sun newspaper in London.

The star, who is apparently suffering from exhaustion, was escorted through the lobby by medical personnel, taken into an ambulance and rushed off to a private hospital in North London.

Boyle caught the world's eye in April, after her audition for 'Britain's Got Talent' became a YouTube sensation, with more than 200-million views. Despite her instant celebrity status and strong following of fans, a dance troupe called Diversity, managed to beat out Boyle during Saturday's finale.

Boyle, who appeared gracious during her loss, had only positive things to say about the winners.

"The best people won," she said.