It was a 21-year-old man who got stung, but it's the Suffolk County Police who are feeling the sting of criticism. They under fire for using what witnesses described as excessive force to subdue a man resisting arrest.

Cellphone video taken by a female friend of 21 year old Jay Gonzalez said the police action was unprovoked in front of a deli in Copiague Tuesday evening. The woman, who asked not to be identified, said there was no reason for police to push him to the ground and to hit him with the Taser to the leg. The young man appeared in court with his mother to be arraigned on charges of harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Outside Suffolk County Court, Gonzalez told PIX 11 News, "The police violated me. I was minding my own business. They came out of nowhere and began harassing me."

As Suffolk Police tell it, officers cruising the area thought there was an altercation when they heard Gonzalez yelling in the street and making an obscene gesture with his middle finger. When they pulled over and asked for his identification, he threw it at the female officer, cursed at her and according to the cops, made a lunging move toward her.

Gonzalez insisted, "They started to assault me and when I started to defend myself, it suddenly was my fault." A second unit responded to the scene and it took three officers to finally subdue Gonzalez. He claimed he was hurt during the incident, but police said he was checked out at the hospital and did not sustain any injuries.

Suffolk County Police Sgt. Colleen Cooney told PIX11 News, "From our preliminary investigation, we believe the officers acted consistent to department policy whereas they would use a Taser when somebody is resisting arrest and acting in a combative manner."

Gonzalez mother defended her son and said she was angry that police would do something like this. She posted $1,000 cash bail so her son can remain free until his next court appearance.