Husband Charged In Murder Of Staten Island Teacher
Four months have passed since Simeonette Mapes-Crupi was murdered at her residence at Forrest Hills road on State Island.

A lock is now on the front door of what used to be the Brooklyn teacher's home.  A faded makeshift memorial sits only yards away.

Those who knew the married woman spoke out after her murder as to how her husband Jonathan Crupi showered her at times with affection.  One woman telling PIX 11 News in the days following her murder, "The woman just had a birthday. Her husband was seen bringing her flowers and balloons."

The NYPD originally considered it a botched robbery. There were others that knew better. Ultimately the NYPD put the spotlight on Crupi due to timeline inconsistencies during his interviews. 

On Tuesday morning Crupi's time finally ran out as the 32-year-old was arrested at his parents home on 66th Street in Brooklyn.   Two neighbors who did not speak English put their hands behind their back to indicate to a PIX 11 News crew that an arrest had been made by the NYPD earlier in the day.

Meanwhile back on Staten Island the news did not take many by surprise.

Robert Garbarino along with his neighbor were one of the first to confront Jonathan Crupi immediately after the murder, "We both saw the husband come out and saying, 'She's dead. Somebody killed my wife.  They killed my wife, they killed my wife.' That was it."

Garbarino who spent 37 years dealing with criminals as a Captain at Manhattan Supreme Court acted as if he believed Crupi's story, telling PIX 11 News he was concerned at the time that Crupi may actually come after him.

As he describes it, Crupi was wired differently.  A hot and cold personality that would smile at you one day and ignore you the next. 

For Garbarino news of the arrest immediately turned to sentiments towards the Mapes family, "I was kind of relieved the mother passes by here a lot, the father passes by here a lot, a lot of the family members come and they put flowers over there.  It's a sad thing, but I know they're happy."

When asked about the use of the word relieved and whether or not he was surprised, Garbarino immediately responded, "No I wasn't surprised.  I wasn't surprised. Now I'm not prejudging, but I wasn't surprised."

Crupi according to an adminstrator inside of the Richmond County Court is set to go before a Staten Island judge Wednesday morning.