SI Girls New Twist On Katy Perry's Hit 'California Gurls'
A group of girls from Staten Island have evolved into overnight web sensations after putting a ' New York' spin on Katy Perry's West Coast anthem, " California Gurls."

Tara Mooney, 19, of Westerleigh, along with her two sisters and friend Melissa, got together to create the video aptly named, "Staten Island Girls," where they poke fun at typical stereotypes including orange skin, risque clothing and fist-pumping.

The teens say they filmed all over Staten Island including the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk, the Staten Island Mall and various Staten Island Railroad stations.

The lyrics are sung with a heavy Staten Island accent and include references to sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, and alcohol. The girls posted the video on YouTube five days ago, and say so far it has received 76-thousand views. In addition, the new found web starlets say their Facebook accounts are exploding with friend requests from people who enjoy the spoof.

While many people seem to find the video funny, not all feedback from Island residents has been positive. In fact, the girls say they have received backlash similar to what the cast of MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore" had to deal with.

Despite the negative comments, the teens made it clear the video was made for fun and is meant to provide people with a laugh.