Skunks Invade Middle Village

 Middle Village, NY (PIX 11) -- People in one Queens neighborhood say they are under attack by a smelly gang of skunks. 

Sightings of the stinky creatures have more than doubled in Middle Village, according to city officials.  Barbara Oddo, who lives on 66th Road, says she doesn't leave her house at night without a broom.

 "It's scary, they will spray you, your dog, anything in their path,” said Oddo.  “Mayor Bloomberg needs to do something about it." 

 Oddo, along with her neighbors, has tried to fight the invasion with cement blocks special fencing, and extreme measures to keep the new wave of skunks out. 

 Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley (D) Queens, has even drafted legislation requiring the city Health Department issue warnings to property owners harboring skunks, raccoons, and possums.

 "First you smell them, now you see them more and more," warns Oddo.  "They have moved in and they are taking over.”