SI Man Charged With Killing Parents Unfit To Stand Trial

Eric Bellucci

A state Supreme Court Justice has ruled that a Staten Island man charged with slaughtering his parents inside their home is not fit to stand trial.

Justice Leonard Rienzi ordered 31-year-old Eric Bellucci into the custody of high-security state psychiatric facility after two psychiatrists determined he was not well and wouldn't be able to help his defense.

Police say Bellucci brutally stabbed his parents, Arthur, 61 and Marian, 56 inside their Poillon Avenue home in Annadale. on Oct. 13. He was charged with their murders.

Belluci's 25-year-old sister, Vanessa, made the horrifying discovery as she walked into the foyer of the home and found the lifeless bodies of her parents, authorities said.

Bellucci, who lived at home with the couple, fled to Israel where he was ultimately placed into custody.

Although a motive is still unknown, friends suspect Bellucci may have killed his parents over a heated argument that occurred a week before the stabbings. Family members have also said that Bellucci is schizophrenic. They say he was not taking his medication for the mental condition, and that may have prompted the altercation he had with his parents.