"I'm just glad to be alive and I'd like to thank everybody that helped me," said Justin Angell at a news conference at Nassau University Medical Center.

 The volunteer firefighter survived being shot in the back by a crazed man who had just been seriously injured in a car crash

"At first I didn't even realize I was shot, when it all kicked in I was in shock," said Angell.

Bellmore Fire Chief called for all his members to pull out after the shots were fired.  Police officers would later find out that the car crash victim was actually armed with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

"Never in a million years I would ever think that me and my brother would be scrambling for safety trying to help someone," said Angell.  His brother is also a volunteer firefighter in Bellmore.

"At first I didn't know it was him." said Dean Angell who was driving the ambulance to get the fallen firefighter, not realizing it was his little brother who was shot.

"As I pulled up I saw it was my brother on the ground, that's when I jumped out picked him up and took off as quick as we could," said Dean Angell.

Police eventually shot killed the gunman, 31-year-old Jason Beller of Commack.

"I'm still in shock, it really doesn't make any sense."

Still sore, Angell was just glad to be going home. He left the hospital to cheers and applause from his fellow firefighters.