NYC Students Embarrassed By Ridiculous ConEd Spelling Fail
On the Lower East Side, there is an eight foot high, glaring spelling error that lies on the ground, smack in the middle.

What is supposed to spell "School X-ING," instead reads "SHCOOL X-NG."

That is quite the snafu. S-N-A-F-U.

"This is embarrassing , said one student , it makes us look bad."

To make matters worse, the mistake is in front of not one, not two, but three different schools, and no one noticed it since the summer of 2011.

Here is what happened. Con Edison was doing routing utility work back in the summer and contracted the repaving and crosswalk paint job to another company.

That company made the mistake, and it stayed that way.

"I think it is quite sad, someone probably on autopilot," said another student.

The word "school" appears ten times on the block on parking signs, and on the school itself -- so all someone had to do if they were struggling with the spelling was look up.

Con Ed apologized for the mistake and the fact that it's been there for so long.

Tuesday they had their contractor come back out, tear up the street and repaint the spelling the correct way.