NYC's 'See Something, Say Something' Campaign Goes National
The "See Something, Say Something" campaign is nothing new to New Yorkers, but now the rest of the country will learn what we already know.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano launched a national crusade Thursday inspiring citizens to speak up if they see something suspicious.

Napolitano made the announcement in Penn Station, the country's busiest train station.

The effort is part of a national information-sharing partnership with Amtrak.

This program, spawned from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's push to get New Yorkers to stop minding their own business and respond if they notice something unusual, was crucial in stopping the recent Times Square bomb plot. In that case it was a street vendor who noticed a vehicle left alone and reported it to police.

In addition to the new program, Napolitano swore in John Pistole as administrator of the Transportation Security Administration. Last week the Senate confirmed the former deputy FBI director to fill the top TSA job.