NYPD Beefs Up Security At Sikh Temples Following Wisconsin Massacre
Security in and around Sikh temples and cultural centers has been beefed up in New York City following the massacre at a temple in Wisconsin.

Outside of the Sikh Cultural Society in Richmond Hill, Queens a number of officers could be seen standing guard. The officers have been at the 118th street location since Sunday.

The killing or 6 Sikh worshipers in Milwaukee has shocked members of the community here. Gurdev Singh Khan, President of the Society told PIX 11 News "Everybody feels very terrible but we still believe in God."

The attack is something Sikhs have feared since 9/11. Some who don't know their history have confused them with Muslims and believing they are potential terrorists have targeted them because of their turbans. Now in Richmond hill there is concern about the killings in Wisconsin and the innocent lives lost.

"We are gonna find out what happened. Why it happened and who did it." said Khan " we feel really bad for them. Let their souls rest in peace."

The N.Y.P.D. Says they have stepped up security not because of any known threat but as a precaution.