A slick criminal calmly walked away from cops without a trace after being involved in a shooting that left one officer dead. But, surveillance cameras did catch his escape on tape and police are organizing a large manhunt.

His name and whereabouts are unknown, but today detectives from the 75th precinct used all their resources to track him down.

"Nothing will be left unturned. Every tool will be used to find the second suspect," said Wally Zeins, a retired NYPD detectives who has investigated officer murders in his career.

Police call the unknown man an accomplice in the murder of Officer Figoski. Detectives say he was with 27 year old career criminal, Lamont Price, when they robbed a home on Pine Street overnight. And escaped just as his cohort shot and killed Figoski near Chestnut street.

Zeins says Price could be the answer in finding the guy who got away.

So Monday, in the interrogation room, Zeins says cops looked at his past to see if it would lead them to the man who is still at large.

"They want to get everything they can. Look at past calls and all his past arrest records," said Zeins.

Police say he fled west on Fulton near Chestnut Street in Cypress Hills around 3am.

"It's going to take good old fashion police work to get this guy."

Cops expanded the crime scene in hopes of collecting evidence. They called in the Department of Environmental Protection to clear out sewers. Detectives were searching for a second weapon.

"It's possible someone might have said ran down a side street or tossed something in the gutter," Zeins said.

A police investigation is ongoing.