Holiday ghouls LOOT homes of Sandy victims in hard-hit Breezy Point
"It's really insult to injury," said Robert Bainbridge of Breezy Point.

It was the night before Thanksgiving and the Bainbridge home was still without power and heat.

"It's been too cold here for my wife," said Bainbridge, which is why that night, the family was standing in line to buy a tankless water heater, when looters targeted their home.  They broke in through a side door.

"I didn't notice anything on walking in because of the general disarray.  It wasn't until I went upstairs into our master bedroom that I realized someone had been rifling through our drawers and boxes and things like that," said Bainbridge.

He says, the robbers ransacked his jars of change and also his wife's jewelry.

Now, pieces of wood are positioned in the middle of all doors, nailed to the inside of the house.  Handwritten signs are posted on every door warning looters that the homeowner is armed and ready to shoot.

"My plans are to be here and stronghold the house a little bit better and by God I plan to protect it," said Bainbridge.

A volunteer firefighter in Breezy Point, Nicholas Ecock, believes the looters are actually local kids.  "They are bad seeds that are robbing houses looking for jewelery and medications.  We've got a lot of older folks with medications in this area."

Bainbridge's 19-year-old daughter Katie grew up in Breezy Point.  "I'm not surprised but I'm in shock they would do it at a time like this, when we are already falling down, now pushing down even harder."

Of course part of the problem is that there is still so much work to be done before LIPA can restore power to the homes.  Plus, many people are not able to live in the homes, making the entire neighborhood extremely inviting to looters.

Fortunately for the Bainbridge family, while we were there, they got great news in the form of a sheet of paper:  their electrical certification.

"We have electricity and it's the difference between night and day!" exclaimed Bainbridge.

As emotional as Sandy's aftermath has been for this husband and father, this latest episode, moved Robert Bainbridge into tears from the stress.

"You know I'll get by, we all will.  But it's like, who needs another slap in the face?"