Authorities have asked the owner of a Long Island Dunkin' Donuts for surveillance tape from the store to see if the suspected Times Square bomber got money there to fund his plot.

Officials said the manager of the store is copying the footage onto DVD's for authorities.

Shortly before the attempted car bombing on May 1, Faisal Shahzad reportedly went to Ronkonkoma, where he got money to carry out his plot, which was ultimately foiled after passersby and a street vendor noticed smoke emanating from the parked SUV in Times Square.

It is not clear who provided the money to Shazad or how much he was given.

The owner of the store, 48-year-old Uri Back, said he has no ties to the plot. He said his store has been closed for renovations since April 20 and is slated to open again sometime next week.

Meanwhile, three men were picked up in New England in connection with the bomb plot and are being held on immigration charges.

Two men identified as Pir Khan and Aftab Khan, were arrested in Massachusetts. The third man, Mohammed Rahman, was arrested in Maine.

The charges are reportedly not terror related, however, they are being investigated for possible links to Shahzad.

One focus of the investigation is an informal system of transferring cash, which is known as hawala. The Khans apparently didn't run a hawala, but rather accused of providing funding as needed to the hawala system. Investigators are trying to determine what the money was being used for.

According to reports, the Rahman's connections do not appear significant to the case.