Ex-Cop Among 20 Charged In Multimillion Dollar Heroin Ring
Operation County Connection is described by the Feds as an intricate heroin operation that stretched from New York City to Long Island.

The arrests of 20 alleged perpetrators hit close to home at the Corner Galley in Massapequa. The mom-and-pop bar and restaurant is known for its award-winning wings. According to authorities, however, thanks to 23-year-old hostess Dana Sollecito, the daughter of the restaurant's former owner, it was also famous for the heroin sold in the parking lot.

PIX 11, along with a reporter from the New York Times, broke the news of the arrest to the owner who said he had no idea that his parking lot was part of a major drug ring. "I'm shocked and totally disappointed," said Jerry Stanborough, who added that Sollecito was getting her life back together.

"You know, she's a nice kid. She's been trying hard. She's been helping us with decorations and coming up with ideas for the holidays," said the owner who added that Sollecito was not scheduled to work Tuesday night but had been at the bar on Monday night.

Aside from parking lot sales, the Feds say the operation had a storage facility in Brooklyn and a pair of drug houses in Queens. A man inside of the home at 8731 78th street in Woodhaven shut the door on PIX 11 crew when asked about law enforcement at the home earlier in the morning.

His neighbor painted a better picture by describing the nearly dozen agents on the scene, "There were the black cars here and I saw the big dogs going around the house," said Rasha Foud.

The operation had been under investigation for approximately nine months.

According to the DEA heroin has become a bigger problem in recent years due to its decline in price -- a dime-bag is now cheaper than a six-pack of beer, said one official.