Residents on Edge After Rash of Burglaries in Ditmas Park
A crime spree on a peaceful, tree lined  block in  Brooklyn has left residents with an uneasy feeling.

There have been 3 recent break-ins, including one in which a woman was robbed at gunpoint, on Westminster Road between Cortelyou and Beverly Roads in Ditmas Park, according to police.

The suspect or suspects have struck in broad daylight, which is especially unsettling to Brian Kelly who lives near one of the homes which was ransacked.

“I think the most difficult part of this is that it is almost always in the middle of the day when I work from home and I have a small daughter,” said Kelly, a graphic artist.  “You can’t pay attention to every little noise or every person walking down the street.”

Ira Silverman discovered that someone had tried to pry open his front door.

“We reported it to police.  And that same day we found out someone else was robbed up the street,” Silverman said.  “In spite of all this, it should be said this is a great neighborhood…and everyone gets along.”

“This is a surprise.  We’ve had a big reduction in crime for the last 10 to 15 years.  This is out of the ordinary,” said Richard Silverman, President of the South Midwood Residents Association.

Police are advising residents to keep their doors and windows locked at all times.