Assemblyman's Mom Ticketed, New Bill Introduced
A new bill submitted by State Assemblyman Michael DenDekker would allow drivers to collect $100 for each ticket written in error.

And as drivers rejoice at news of the bill, they should remember to thank DenDekker's mother, who may have been the inspiration.

Jacqueline DenDekker, 74, was given a summons for breaking the alternate-side parking rule on 31st Ave. where she lives. However, the ticket was issued on a Thursday, and alternate-side rules are only in effect on Wednesdays.

It might be expected that the mother of a state assemblyman could easily have the ticket thrown out -- this was not the case. Despite a letter from the councilman and evidence of the officer's mistake, the judge decided that DenDekker needed more photographic evidence.

It stands to reason that, thanks to an unreasonable judge and a rogue traffic cop, this pro-motorist bill is now in existence.

This isn't the first time a politician has backed frustrated Queens car owners, however.

The Department of Transportation was raking in money off of the no-parking signs on Bell Blvd. In Bayside, Queens -- until the racket reached the desk of Whitestone Councilman Dan Halloran. Halloran promptly brought it before the council last November.

The DOT grudgingly decided to take down the signs prohibiting parking in areas that were no longer cleaned by the city, but maintained that all of the tickets issued over the years had to be paid in accordance to the law and the posted signs.

Fittingly, each of those tickets cost $100.