Queens Democrats Aim To Push Monserrate Out Of Party
With the month-long summer coup and assault conviction hot on their minds, the Queens Democratic Party seem to have had enough of State Senator Hiram Monserrate's theatrics.

The party, along with the endorsement of its leader Representative Joseph Crowley, has thrown their support behind Assemblyman Jose R. Peralta, 37, of Jackson Heights, in his run for Monserrate's seat. Peralta is considered one of the party's rising stars.

The move comes at an unusual time as statewide elections are over a year away. It is also rare for a party to try to unseat one of its own incumbents -- regardless of scandal -- and the power play is the political equivalent to excommunication.

Even more indicative of Democrats' frustration with Monserrate, on Monday evening, the vast majority of the executive committee voted in favor of a resolution to request that Monserrate resign from both his Senate seat and as Queens Democratic District Leader.

Two weeks ago, Monserrate was acquitted of felony charges after being charged with slashing his girlfriend Karla Giraldo's face with broken glass in his apartment. He was convicted of lesser misdemeanor charges for roughly dragging Giraldo through the apartment building's lobby.

Monserrate has claimed his innocence since the March incident. Giraldo allegedly changed her stance on the case -- initially stating to police the slashing was intentional then claiming it was an accident.

Despite the court's ruling, the Senate committee is set to begin its own inquiry in November. The inquiry could end with a vote to expel Monserrate from the Senate, which would force a special election to fill his seat.