Community College Tries To Bring Money Into Queens
A professor at LaGuardia Community College is trying to bring in big bucks for New York's second biggest burough. Dr. Jim Giordano started a new course this summer for his Tourism and Hospitality Program that has the students creating excursion tours, solely in Queens. Then, local hotels will promote those tours to tourists.

"It is our own backyard," said Giordano, and he is determined to save it.

It is not like Queens does not get its fair share of tourism dollars. This is the home of the Mets and the US Open. Last year, the borough brought in $3.6 billion dollars.

"The eyes of the world are already on Queens. This is just gives them more food for thought," said Giordano.

Students like Dominick McClellan are eating it up.

"I actually came to love Queens very much even though I'm not from here," said Brooklyn-born McClellan, adding, "It has allowed em to bring customer service to Queens too."

It just so happens this course coincides with a brand new tourism campaign called "75 Days of Summer" that kicked off this week by the Queens Economic Development Corporation in hopes to draw more tourists to discover this borough's hidden gems like Long Island City, a place some of the locals call New York City's riviera where people can dine on the waterfront while overlooking a stunning view of Manhattan.

"It is hard to get them across the river from Manhattan, so we want to get them here," Nicole Wawrezynski of the Water's Edge Restaurant.

In a still sluggish economy, Wawrezynski says the students' help is welcome if it means bringing in more people to appreciate the view.

"A trillion dollar view you just can't beat," said Wawrezynski.