Angry Islip Homeowners Short-circuit Power Lines
The power of the people got the plug pulled on power poles rising above homes in West Islip, Long Island.

Town officials responded to outraged homeowners demands. and ordered the Long Island Power Company to immediately stop the project. Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan told PIX News, "These poles can't be here. They're far too obnoxious."

One homeowner said the new poles, some rising as high at 60 feet, "made telephone poles look like toothpicks."

Tom Mattassa called them an "eyesore." He said he's lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and "was sick to my stomach when I came outside and saw these poles. It's industrial. I'm so disgusted."

LIPA insisted it had authority to undertake the project, but Islip officials argued the utility did not get the necessary permits. Homeowners voiced concern over potential health hazards from the power lines and said they were worried about the values of their homes. Alex Corbo insisted, "This brought down the value of our property. Physically, I don't know what this is going to do to us. It's wrong."

Islip Supervisor Nolan agreed. "This is totally unacceptable. The utility has made a gross error. These people live in a nice neighborhood to have this dropped on their front lawn. It's not going to go forward," he declared.

LIPA has agreed to explore alternative methods to complete the project that won't affect residential neighborhoods.