A pit bull involved in a brutal attack of a Long Island woman was shot dead Monday outside a daycare center, police said.

According to Nassau County Police, officers shot and killed the dog at about 3:15 p.m. outside Precious Kids II on Jerusalem Avenue in North Merrick. Detectives suspect its the same dog that allegedly attacked 62-year-old Shashi Sharma last month.

Chiropractor LLoyd Angel says he was working in his office when he heard a bunch of popping sounds.

"When I heard the gunshots and realized it was gunshots, I thought it must be that dog," said Angel.

He was right. Outside his office window, cop car ran the dog over, then as it tried to run away, officers fired several shots until it collapsed and died.

Resident Christa Ferrera was walking her dog near the shooting scene and said, "I don't like seeing any animal killed, especially being a dog owner myself but at the same time if this dog viciously attacked that woman... You have to protect yourself."

No other injuries were reported in Monday's shooting, police said. "Those dogs should have been killed. I agree with the police, these dogs were vicious," said Mukesh Sharma, her husband.

PIX11 caught up with Mukesh and their son Suraj at just as they got back home from visiting hours at the hospital.

While her husband says Shashi is doing much better, he decided not to tell her of the dog's death.

The reason? "Because it will bring memories back again," said her husband.

The Nassau County Police Department says it believes the dog is the same dog involved in the mauling incident of Shashi Sharma on September 29, 2011. Police are now comparing the dead dog to images of the vicious pit bull captured by surveillance cameras near the scene of the attack.

Meanwhile, residents are relieved to know there is no longer a lingering threat in their neighborhood.

"We will now go on walks," said Ferrara as she walked her black lab down Jerusalem Avenue.

On September 29th, Sharma was taking her daily walk near her North Merrick home when two pit bulls came out of nowhere and attacked her. She called 9-11, and the operator could hear Sharma being attacked when the call dropped.

The 911 dispatcher called her back and eventually found her location. Responding officers were able to shoot and kill one dog while the other one fled the scene.

Sharma is currently listed in critical condition at Nassau University Medical Center, officials said.