"Blue" Is The K-9 Credited With Finding Bodies
Blue is the reason detectives are one step closer to finally catching a serial killer.

"Missing persons called us out on Saturday to follow up on an investigation on a missing person," said Police Officer John Mallia.

Blue didn't have any luck his first time out this past summer, but Saturday the cadaver dog found the remains of a body hidden in the brush off ocean parkway

Monday he located 3 more.

"We were quite surprised the second day when we found the second body, and then from there it was approximately 500 feet west of the first body then we conducted a more detailed search than we started going eastbound and we found the third body and ultimately the fourth body from all 500 feet of each other," said Mallia who has been working with his partner Blue for the past 7 years.

"He gives me an alert, his body motion goes where his tail is wagging," said Mallia, "If I allowed him to get that close he would scratch or try to get at the article or the item."

If you are wondering why Blue had better luck this time than he did in the summer, it's because the brush is down and there are less scents in the air and on the ground. The find is meaningful for both Blue and his partner.

"I hope I gave closure to four families and I was glad to do my job," said Mallia.

Blue isn't finished, he's still working Tuesday on the crime scene in Oak Park to make sure nothing was missed.