We've received such a huge response to our two-part report, HEROIN HIGH, that we wanted to share with PIX viewers more footage from our interview with Doreen and Victor Ciappa, who lost their only daughter, Natalie, just 18 years old, to a heroin overdose on June 21, 2008….her father's birthday.

Natalie was a high school cheerleader and one-time honor student in Massapequa. She started showing signs of depression as she started her senior year of high school. Her parents thought it was typical, teenage behavior. They were tragically wrong.

In the clips, you will hear Doreen and Victor Ciappa talk about their daughter's first heroin overdose, which Natalie survived. They will also recall the fatal overdose, three weeks later. They found Natalie lifeless on a couch inside a garage in Seaford, Long Island.

We hope the two reports we presented will be educational for parents and young people alike and prevent other teens from taking any kind of drug.