Police are still hunting for a vicious pit bull that mauled a woman in the parking lot of a Merrick senior home Thursday. The two dogs -- a grey pit bull that was shot and killed after the attack, and a second tan-and-white pit that is till on the loose -- can be seen in a photo released by police Friday. Residents are warned to be on the lookout for the dog.

Police spent the day searching for the pit bull and left out food with traps in the woods the dog had escaped into. They used helicopters to search the area overhead, unsuccessfully. Many people who live in the area near the attack, like Barbara Box, said they spotted the dog on Friday: "I saw a medium-sized pit bull, light tan in color with white markings."

On Thursday, 62-year-old Sashi Sharma was taking her daily walk near her North Merrick home when two dogs came out of nowhere and attacked her. She called 9-11, and the operator could hear Sharma being attacked when the call dropped. The called her back, found her location, and were able to shoot the one dog before the other one took off.

Police describe the missing dog as a 70-pound female pit bull with a "full stomach." They believe the dog had just given birth.

Sharma remains in a medically-induced coma at Nassau University Medical Center. Surgeons spent hours in the operating room, and were able to save her left arm, which was severely mangled.

Nassau County police were present at private schools in the are Friday for the schools' opening and closing to make sure children were safe, and advised anyone who saw the dog to call 9-11 and stay away.

Another 67-year-old man in the area was attacked Wednesday night, and it's believed to have been the same dogs that did it.

Police continue to look for the dog, and question where they both came from. Lieut. Det. Kevin Smith says they're looking at "where the dogs come from, who might be the owners of the dogs -- those are the type of things we're looking into right now."