New York's politicians have pledged to wage war on NYC rats, the legendary pests of the city's underground, and, now, of the streets and neighborhoods themselves.

"It's so bad I had rat droppings on the engine of my car," said Pelham Bar resident, Saniye Jasaroska.

She's lived in the same house since the 1980s and has never seen the rodent problem this bad.

Jasaroska's even had to pick up the pace when she leaves the house during the day.

"Literally, I see them running through here coming off the street," Jasaroska said.

And if you ask people living near her, the rodents on Eastchester Ave must be eating well, because they are huge, residents say.

And they are apparently coming from two different directions.

From Pelham Parkway, where there is ongoing construction and from a privately-owned empty, overgrown and un-maintained lot near Astor Avenue.

People say the rats have been scurrying around the neighborhood for months but there has been nothing done to exterminate them.

Councilman James Vacca said he wants to change that.

"Until you see a rat outside your house, or see it in your crosswalk you don't realize that seeing a rat is unbelievably upsetting," said Vacca.

Councilman Vacca refuses to let rats sully his district, so he's following in the steps of Manhattan Borough president, Scott Stringer, and plans to launch a war on the rodents.

"Yes, I think we need a full on war on rats," said Vacca.

And Jasaroka hopes it starts soon, there is only one place they haven't explored, yet.

"They haven't gotten in the house!"