Party Bus Involved In Fatal Accident Found To Be Too Large
Marketing materials for the Mega Liner Double Decker party bus, involved in last weekend’s deadly accident, boast the charter is the largest in the country.  But the luxurious ride might be too big to drive on New York and New Jersey roadways, legally.

PIX 11 has learned that state permit requirements say the maxiumum height for all buses, registered in the state, is 13 feet six inches.  According to the Port Authority, the agency leading the investigation, the party bus carrying the 65 teenagers was 13 feet nine inches.  And about a foot short of the overpass, 16 year old St. Francis Prep student, Daniel Fernandez struck hit when he stuck his head out the emergency hatch.

At Designer Limousines headquarters in Port Washington, PIX 11 tried to find out how the oversized bus could be on the road.  While a manager didn’t surface, a spokesperson for the company issued this state “the bus has a New York State special-use permit and receives related special-use safety inspections every six months.  In addition, the bus has a US DOT authorization number as a result of two federal DOT reviews,” said Kyle Kotary.

The New York State DOT maintains the maximum height for buses can’t exceed 13 and a half feet.  But, it did wave the safety regulations for Designer Limo, issuing the company a special hauling permit, allowing the bus to operate legally on the roads in the state of New York.

Investigators would not say whether or not the bus’ stature contributed to the accident. Only that the height, weight and length are all factors being considered – even though the bus company was not issued a citation on the scene.