Controversial gubernatorial candidate for New York Governor Carl Paladino did not receive a warm welcome at the Columbus Day parade in Manhattan Monday after making anti-gay remarks over the weekend.

Paladino along with his Democratic opponent, attorney general Andrew Cuomo, took part in the parade, marching from Midtown to the Upper West Side. However, it was Paladino who garnered most of the attention from reporters and parade-goers, after comments he made Sunday to a group of Brooklyn rabbis stating children should not be "brainwashed" into thinking it's okay to be gay.

PIX 11 News followed Paladino from 42nd to 72nd Street -- the only local television station to do so -- in order to get some answers. However, he turned out to be anything but cordial.

"Why don't you get a day job," he said. "Find something to do with yourself."

Paladino, whose nephew is gay and serves as his campaign director, went on to say, "I was accused by Cuomo ... I am not homophobic ... except in marriage."

Despite his comments, many people were not happy to see Paladino at the parade.

"We don't need a bigot as a governor," said one parade-goer. Another person PIX 11 News spoke with agreed and said, "He's so angry and divisive. He shouldn't be running for governor."

In additioin, Cuomo told PIX 11 News he is disgusted by Paladino's comments.

"I think the comments Paladino made were reckless and divisive," said Cuomo. "They were the worst cynical comments trying to pit people against each other. He's probably the last person I would take advice from on how to raise my daughters."