NYCHA Tenants To Get Break On Rent, Courtesy Hurricane Sandy
The folks who live in city public housing are going to get a break on the rent because of the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

According to a report on 1010 WINS, the New York City Housing Authority says tenants will get information on rent adjustments for January 2013 in next month's invoice. NYCHA explains the reason rent credits will take until January is due to the large number of people affected, and the huge volume of paper work that has to be done.

"As any landlord would do, if you cannot provide elevators, heat and water to tenants, your obligation is to really give them credit," says NYCHA Vice Chair Emily Youssouf.

She went on to explain: "We have a lot of tenants who were impacted in certain developments, and just getting all that data into the computer system and getting the rent bills out, we don't have enough time before the December rent bills to get out," Youssouf points out, adding that people seem relieved to be getting a break on the rent.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week approximately 50 percent of city residents who lost power during the hurricane live in public housing.