A 26-year-old Long Island native, who traveled to Pakistan to train with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, reportedly took part in a rocket attack against a United States base in Afghanistan back in September of 2008, according to court papers.

Bryant Neal Vinas, who was arrested in Pakistan last November, was also charged with providing Al Qaeda with detailed information regarding the New York City transit system - including the Long Island Rail Road.

Vinas' identity has been kept under wraps since he was indicted late last year, but around the time of his arrest in Pakistan, officials in New York issued a warning about a possible attack on Manhattan's transit system.

In addition, court papers allege Vinas, along with other unidentified people, "fired rockets at a United States military base in Afghanistan."

Vinas, who used to live in Patchogue, converted to Islam at a mosque on Long Island. While in New York, he reportedly worked for a short time as a truck driver and for a car washing business. According to authorities, he has been cooperating with European and United States counterterrorism officials since his arrest.

Vinus is currently in custody in New York and does not have a prior criminal past, authorities said.